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A Sense in Exchange
As I sat at my table, I listened to the music and the people chit-chatting and laughing around me. Centuries ago, when I still had my sight, I would've people-watched and made silent guesses about their lives. A man in a business suit would become a secret agent and assassin. The woman in the cocktail dress and gold hoop earrings would be his target. This was one of the many stories I had made up inside my head.
Now I simply must tune in with my ears to the socialization around me. I had exchanged my sight in order to gain immortality, foolishly ignoring the gut feeling that I was making a horrid mistake. How naive I had been. In my own defense, the woman who had come to me was mysterious, enchanting in her own frightening way. She came to me one dreary night in the form of a dream. Dark hair covered her face, only showing her mouth. I remember that she had skin the color of mocha, and her dress flowed around her, caught in a whirlwind I could not see nor feel. She beckoned me close wi
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Homeless and Disabled: an Unspoken Story
Warning: Sad.
This is a true story from little under a month ago. I swear on my honor, this all 100% true.
I pulled up to the intersection, stopping for the red light before me. I turned to look at the road I supposed to turn on... I groaned. The turn was impossibly sharp; there was no way I could make it without bumping the curb. As my eyes drifted back to the front, they passed over a hunched figure, not two meters diagonal to my right. It was an old man in a ragged t-shirt and trousers, leaning on his walker on wheels. His face was lined with wrinkles. At first glance they appeared to be from old age, but should one look closer, deep sadness was etched into those sad, sagging lines. Wispy, long gray hair escaped from under his baseball cap, and more of it covered his jaw and neck in a wild beard. His elderly arms shook slightly as he held up a white cardboard sign, the words written in faded black marker.
"Disabled and Homeless. Please help and God bless you."
He looked to me with a
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Cartman the Pumpkin by Nerdy-Cactus-Queen Cartman the Pumpkin :iconnerdy-cactus-queen:Nerdy-Cactus-Queen 0 0
N. Italy x Chubby!Reader- Hoodies and Laughter
____ laughed hysterically, clutching her soft stomach with tears budding at the corners of her eyes. Her boyfriend, Feliciano, could only pout, tears welling up in his own honey ones; this situation certainly wasn't all that amusing to him. "____!" He whined. "It's not funny!" The young woman sitting next to him tried her best to stifle her loud cackling by covering her mouth with her hand, but only succeeded in making herself snort, which in turn made her laugh harder. They were currently sitting on Feliciano's plush couch, watching a movie with the lights turned off. What kind of movie, you may ask?
Horror movies, of course! What better thing to do on a Friday night than watch some scary films with a loved one?
The two had quite different ideas of what was considered as "scary movie material". Feliciano's films from Italy, his homeland, were filled with blood, guts, and gore. To him, all this was quite scary, but since he was used to these kinds of things in movies, they didn't affec
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Male!Belarus x reader: Late Night Comforting
Eyes flying open, Nikolai gasped out, fear consuming every corner of his mind. He sat up slowly. Clenching fistfuls of his bedsheets to keep his hands from shaking, he drew slow, ragged breaths. He looked around frantically, trying desperately to think in his panic-stricken and confused state. Recognizing his surroundings, Nikolai sighed. Much to his relief, he was in his dark bedroom, laying in bed. What had frightened him so thoroughly before was only a dream; another horrid nightmare.
He flopped back down, trying to rid his brain of the terrible memories that had resurfaced in his subconscious. He thought he had stopped having those nightmares a few years ago, ever since he had gotten therapy and seen a psychologist way back in college. Glancing at the clock, Nikolai huffed in frustration. It was just two o'clock in the morning, and he didn't have to get up for work for another six hours, at eight a.m.
When Nikolai had been experiencing those nightmares before, he had still been liv
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A Lonely Piano
An old piano sat in an empty, dark room. The only light came from a single shattered window. The girl approached the lonely instrument, the mildewed floorboards creaking as she did so. She turned around, glancing back through the open doorway cautiously, ponytail swishing. Her mother warned her younger self not to enter the woods that this rickety house stood, telling ridiculous tales of madmen, murderers, and monsters. The notions seemed silly at the time, but those ideas were now flooding back to her, causing her to shake slightly in fear.
That fear, however, had melted away once she rested her hand on the piano's lid.  It had not been touched for years, Lord knows how many. It, like the floorboards, had mildewed and splintered. A thick layer of dust covered the lid and keys. She opened the top to find that the strings were all intact and tuned. Worn and damaged, but all intact. She lightly, almost cautiously, pressed a key, and the instrument sang a high, feeble note. The girl
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Hello! First of all, thank you to those few peeps who've favorited my stories so far and watched me so far. Seriously, it makes me so happy that in such little time people already like me stuff enough to favorite it! 

HOWEVER, I must ask that if you're going to favorite anything of mine, PLEASE COMMENT FIRST. It kinda makes me sad that ya'll aren't talking to me >^< 

I'm not trying to be pushy, mean or needy, but I would really love SOME sort of feedback if it's not too much trouble. I'll put a little thing in the description of each story to remind ya'll, I didn't think of it before 'cause I didn't expect anyone to favorite them. Again, that alone makes me blush and grin like an idiot ☺️ 

That at is all, my Cacti. 


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I can't draw particularly well, but I love to view other people's work! I do take a lot of pride in my writing, though, and I enjoy it. I love reading as well. I hope to meet some cool cacti while I'm here!


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